The Cornea
Although it is only 1/3 the thickness of a dime, the cornea is a complex organ which is vitally important in maintaining vision.    The cornea is a multi-layered structure which serves as a "window" through which we see the world.  It is responsible for the vast majority of the focusing power of our eyes.  Each one of those layers is susceptible to injury, infection, disease, or a host of other anomalies which can render it poorly or non-functional and even result in blindness.  Because of the unique nature of this organ, many ophthalmologists who do not specialize in the treatment of the cornea will refer patients to us because of severe or complicated corneal issues.   Matthew Goren, MD, FACS has spent much of his professional life devoted to the understanding, research, and treatment of this fascinating structure.

Dr. Goren received his cornea training at the renowned Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia and has taught Corneal and External Diseases at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University since 1994.  Goren Eye Associates has at its disposal every cutting edge tool necessary in the diagnosis, medical, and surgical treatment of all corneal conditions including the laboratory facilities of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Lutheran General Hospital.  If you have a corneal problem, you have found the right practice to help you.